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Posted by on Nov 11, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

Perfect Gifts For Students Of Writing

If you are trying to decide on the perfect gift for a writing student, the solution may be simpler than you think. Being a student of writing involves a passion for certain things as well as limited time. Writing happens to be one of the subjects that is very time consuming because so many lengthy papers and research are involved in this field. Here you can learn about some gift items that can help keep writers on track, but also be enjoyable to receive.

Writing Utensils

Most writing today is done on a computer, but that doesn’t mean a writer doesn’t need a quality writing utensil from time to time. This is a great way to offer a small token that acknowledges your loved one’s chosen field, but it also serves as something functional they can take with them.

  • Engraved pens: Engraved pens allow you to include a name or some kind of saying, if you prefer. They add a touch of personalization along with elegance. At the very least, engraved pens with names on them tend to be safe from being stolen!
  • Recycled pens: For the writing student with a passion for green living, the recycled pen is a great gift that doesn’t involve any waste.
  • Calligraphy pen set: Calligraphy adds an element of art to writing that you can’t with any other kind of pen. This set may not get used very often, but it is a fun way for a budding writer to experiment with another type of writing.


Any type of paper is going to be appreciated because writing isn’t something you can only do in one format:

  • Computer paper: Reams of computer paper will mean the student has one less office supply to buy for his or her class.
  • Small memo pads: Writers sometimes come up with ideas when they are nowhere near their office. Small memo pads help them jot these ideas don’t without having to tote around large notebooks.
  • Journals: From journals with handmade paper and a leather cover to hardcover journals with lined paper, every writer needs a separate space to take some personal notes.

As a student of writing, it’ easy to get caught up in the details of putting the words together. This can make a writer forget to take time to simply enjoy the act of writing. By offering something like an engraved pen and/or leather bound journal, you can help that writer remember that there is an element of joy in writing, rather than just work.


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