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Posted by on Dec 2, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

Activities That Teach The Alphabet

If you are a preschool teacher, you will need an abundance of fun activities that will keep your classroom occupied. You will want to make these activities educational as well. Here are some activities that you can use to teach the children in your class the fundamentals about the letters in the alphabet.

Christmas Tree Alphabet

Since the holidays are upon us, try this fun craft right before the Christmas break. Cut out Christmas trees that you draw on pieces of green construction paper. Write the letters from “A” to “Z” on the trees with a black marker. Write the alphabet with black marker again on circular stickers in various colors. Have the children find the matching letter to peel off of the paper and stick onto their tree to make an ornament. To make the craft even more challenging, write some of the letters in uppercase and some in lowercase and have them match the uppercase letter with the appropriate lowercase letter.

Shower Curtain Ring Letters

Write the letters of the alphabet on shower curtain rings, one letter per ring. Glue a paper towel holder onto a piece of cardboard so that it is sticking straight in the air. Have the children take turns picking letters from a pile until the letters have all been distributed. Call out the letter “A” and have the appropriate child run up and place it on the paper towel holder. Then call out “B” and have the next child run up. Continue with the entire alphabet. This will teach the children about letters while also allowing the children to work together as a team to complete the alphabet. They will enjoy having their own turn to be a star when placing the ring on the paper towel holder.

Letter Of The Week

Each week, highlight a new letter for your children to learn. Hand out a piece of paper to each child and then smaller pieces of paper that have pictures on them that will correspond with the letter. You can hand the child a bunch of printed small colored cookies to glue on the piece of paper in the shape of the letter “C”, for example. Each week give the children a new pile of small pictures and have them guess what the new letter of the week will be from looking at the theme that you have given them. This will have your children guessing and discussing it among themselves before making the craft.

To learn about other activities you can do, talk to a school like Cottonwood Montessori.

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