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Posted by on Nov 25, 2015 in Blog |

Choosing The Right School For Your Child Interested In The Ivy Leagues

When your child expresses an interest in one day attending an Ivy League university, you could not be more proud of them or excited for them. However, no matter how young they are when they tell you about their dreams, you know that it is never too early to start them of the path towards successful entry into those schools. Because of the elite and competitive nature of those universities, you are aware that choosing the right schools leading up to their college applications will be one of the most important keys to getting admitted. Get to know some of the factors to keep in mind as you choose your child’s schools so that you ensure they have the best possible chance of getting into the Ivy League.

Pay Attention to Test Scores and Class Offerings

One of the most important factors when choosing a school for your child who wishes to be Ivy League-bound is to pay attention to the average test scores of students attending that school as compared to the rest of the state and the rest of the nation as a whole. While it is true that test scores are not always the best indicator of whether a child is receiving a quality education, for students with Ivy League ambitions, they matter more than for some others.

This is because, even in elementary schools and middle schools, high standardized test scores can indicate that the students will also get higher than average scores on college entrance exams like the ACT and SAT. These test scores will not get your child into an Ivy League school without other important factors, but they are what can get an application moved on in the process or rejected outright.

Additionally, in middle school and high school, you will want to carefully look over the class offerings available to students at the school. Make sure that advanced placement courses are available to students. These advanced classes will be important on an Ivy League application. However, what can really make the difference between schools is the electives that they offer. Look for schools with a wide variety of elective courses that can help your child really hone their skills in an academic area of interest, whether this means Latin and the classics, or organic chemistry and astrophysics. The more advanced in academic areas of interest your child is, the better.

Extracurriculars Do Matter (A Lot)

Many parents and students alike, place their focus primarily on academics when they are striving for the Ivy Leagues. However, the issue with this strategy is that virtually all of the students applying to those prestigious schools will have high test scores and good grades in advanced courses throughout their school years.

What sets some students apart from others is their extracurricular activities and achievements. As such, choosing the right schools for your child means choosing schools with high-quality extracurricular activities for your child to choose from. If your child is artistic or musical, you will want to be sure that performing arts, music, and visual arts are embraced by the school and that students have the chance to join groups and showcase their talents in these areas. Athletic children will need schools with strong sports programs that will attract the attention of college recruiters.

Also keep in mind that civic or community service extracurricular activities are just as important when applying to Ivy League schools. Students who are civic minded and who strive to give back to the community and help others are desirable applicants because those students will often go on to uphold the ideals of Ivy League schools and keep their reputations for excellence intact. Oftentimes, the schools that offer such extracurriculars and opportunities are private schools because they have the extra funding and the flexibility to put more emphasis on these areas of education.

Now that you know a few of the important factors in choosing your child’s schools when they have Ivy League aspirations, you can get started in the selection process. Remember to look into both quality education private schools and public schools to determine which school option will provide your students with the greatest advantage when college application time rolls around. With any luck, they will be packing their bags to head off to an Ivy League college before you know it.

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