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Posted by on May 26, 2016 in Blog, Education & Development |

Exploring The Benefits Of Material Testing For Your Metal Fabrication Business

Producing the highest quality metal parts in your fabrication company is essential for you to earn high profits and to maintain a reputation that will bring in new customers. In order for your metal products to be the best, you need to know the materials you make them out of are the best. Check out these benefits of material testing for your company.

Fatigue Testing For Strength

Knowing the metal materials you purchase for your production are going to be strong and durable is vital. Fatigue testing provides you with the data you need for determining whether or not a particular type of metal is strong enough to withstand the applications it will be used for once it is manufactured into a part. The last thing you want is your customers complaining about the parts you make for them being flimsy during their application. Fatigue testing can include fracture mechanics for learning how well a particular part will perform under certain conditions like high pressure or intense weight. Fatigue testing and fracture mechanics are important for you to design parts that are going to outlast those made by your competitors.

Tensile Testing And The Presence Of Soft Alloys

Tensile testing is necessary for learning how much strength your materials have when pulled apart by strong forces. In some metal materials, the presence of alloys can create lower tensile strength and allow the material to be weaker than it needs to be for your needs. While some alloys work to strengthen properties of a metal, some alloys do not provide greater strength. Learning more about the metal material you are working with can allow you to make choices about its production that matter. For example, if you are producing stainless steel cookware for a restaurant business, you need to know if your material will have a tensile strength able to withstand high heat.

The Importance Of Metallurgical Analysis

If you have ever had a part returned to you for any number of reasons, you need to know what happened so the same mistake won’t be made again with that kind of part. For this reason, the need in your metal fab shop for metallurgical analysis may be great. For example, if you manufactured parts an automotive plant and the parts were too soft and did not hold up under the pressure of a running engine, you need to know what is in the metal you used for those parts. If you purchased a metal and did not have it tested ahead of using it in production, you may see problems like this, which is why this type of testing is important to do before you make bulk purchases of materials. Metallurgic analysis involves a material being looked at under a microscope or spectroscopic X-ray for learning what is in it and what may make it strong enough or not for your applications.

By not taking chances that a metal material is exactly what you need without using material testing equipment first to make sure, you can experience greater customer feedback and higher profits in your metal fabrication business.

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