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Posted by on Jul 26, 2016 in Blog, Education & Development |

Adults As Math Students

Like many people, you may have taken as little math as possible when you were in high school or even college, considering some majors don’t require that you take very much math, like certain liberal arts programs. Although you may not have worried about being math deficient when you were younger, you may now wonder if you missed out. There are a number of reasons to learn mathematics, so taking up the subject in middle age and even beyond is an excellent use of your time. 

Problem Solving

No matter who you are or what you do, you have to solve problems on a daily basis. Learning higher math helps you develop and improve your problem-solving abilities no matter how old you are. When you do math, you have to be able to analyze the situation at hand. You must pay attention to detail, follow steps correctly, and then “prove” that your answer is correct. The focus is on logic and order, two qualities that benefit everyone.

Complex Thinking 

The math you learn in elementary school is generally simple and requires that you correctly perform a few steps. When you learn how to do advanced math, you must perform a variety of tasks that build upon each other. You can get 90% of the equation correct, but that counts for nothing if the final answer is wrong. Successfully performing calculus, for instance, engages your mind at a higher level, so even if you don’t “need” to know it to survive, it makes you a more sophisticated thinker and gives you a new “language” with which to interpret the world. Anything that improves your abstract thinking ability is worth pursuing.

New Career

You may wish to learn math in order to change careers. Many exciting professions require that you have a solid understanding of math concepts. If your life-long dream has been to be a play-by-play announcer, you need to be able to deliver statistics such as batting averages and free-throw percentages on a moment’s notice. Even photographers need to calculate exposure, shutter speeds, film speeds, and more in order to create lovely photos. 

If you decide to study mathematics in middle age, you have numerous options. You can take a class at the local community college, but if you prefer one-on-one attention, you can hire a tutor. Many companies offer both in-home tutors or online tutors to help you master a subject, so you can keep your studies private if you wish. Talk to a tutoring center like Mathnasium of Greenville Five Forks about your options. Remember, it’s never too late to take up any area of study that interests you, math included.

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