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Posted by on Aug 23, 2016 in Blog, Education & Development |

Help Your Adolescent Gain Experience and Exposure in the Writing Field

If your adolescent enjoys expressing themselves through descriptive words and rhymes and journals on a daily basis, help them gain experience and exposure in the writing field with the following tips. If all goes well, and your child enjoys participating in the activities, they may continue to strengthen their writing ability and become a successful writer in the future.

Encourage Your Child to Enter Poetry Contests

Search for poetry contests for teenagers online that allow teens to write poetry about topics that interest them. Encourage your child to enter several contests in order to increase the likelihood that their poetry will be recognized for its originality and be awarded a prize.

Even if your child doesn’t win a contest, they may still be listed as a participant of one on a website or in a local newspaper and be encouraged to enter additional contests in the future. Many contests are free and offered at regular intervals each year, allowing your child plenty of opportunities to take part in this type of activity.

Suggest They Become a Member of the School Newspaper Staff

If your child’s school features a newspaper that is overseen by students, suggest that they sign up to become a contributor. Your child will have the opportunity to interview students, teachers, and other staff members. They can submit stories about sporting events or classes and will be able to share their opinion and writing talent with the entire student body and faculty.

Once copies of a newspaper are printed featuring your adolescent’s name, your teen may be proud of their achievement and be inspired to continue writing on a regular basis.

Sign Them Up for a Creative-Writing Class

Seek out creative-writing classes in your community that are geared towards adolescents. You may be able to find out about specialized classes by inquiring at your child’s school or visiting a local library. A creative-writing class will help your child learn how to describe their feelings. They will be able to experiment with different writing styles and can share their innermost thoughts through their work.

Your child may be inspired to share some of their work with you as they complete several classes. If so, praise them for their efforts and encourage them to continue striving to work hard while participating in the class. Besides providing your child with writing experience, completing the class successfully may help increase the chances of their being accepted at a college that they are interested in after they graduate high school.

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