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Posted by on Oct 20, 2016 in Blog |

Steps For Preparing A Shy Child To Attend Preschool

Early on in a child’s life, you’ll get a sense of whether he or she is an introvert or an extrovert. While there are advantages to each personality type, dealing with an introverted child can occasionally be a challenge as he or she may feel uncomfortable around new people. This challenge can rear its head when you’re getting ready to send the child to preschool. Going from being at home around familiar people to being in a new environment with strangers can cause your child anxiety, but it’s possible to make this transition as easy as possible through some careful preparation in the months prior. Here are some steps that you can take to help your shy child get ready for preschool.

Visit Friends Who Have Children Frequently

Getting together with friends who have children around the same age as your child can be beneficial as you begin to prepare your child to attend preschool. Meeting new children for the first time might initially seem difficult, but before long, your child should be enjoying their company and playing cooperatively — and this is the type of mentality you want to experience at preschool. Try to visit friends in their homes, rather than always inviting them into your home. Being in new environments can make the child feel more comfortable outside of his or her usual surroundings, which will come in handy at preschool.

Enroll In Various Community Programs

Beyond getting together with friends and their kids, look for the resources in your community that you can use. If there’s a reading day at the library for children around the same age as your child, try to attend. This will give the child a chance to meet other kids and learn to enjoy time spent with them. Likewise, consider signing up for swimming lessons, parent-child yoga classes, or any other physical activity in which your child will get the chance to meet other kids and play with them.

Have Trusted People Look After Your Child

One of the challenges of the transition to preschool is that a child’s parent is no longer there. If you’re concerned that this will be an issue, arrange to have other trusted adults care for your child for a few hours here and there. Soon, your child will grow accustomed to being in new environments with different adults, which should help to smooth the transition to attending preschool.

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