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About Sandy Masterson

Teaching others is my career, but it is also a personal interest for me. I have seen the consequences firsthand when an entire generation of people grows up without adequate understanding of the world around them. Missing out on an appreciation for history makes it much harder to prepare for the future. As the famous saying warns us, you are stuck repeating the same old thing if you don’t understand what happened in the past. Helping others learn about world history is my full time job now, and it also includes encouraging excitement and understanding of the events going on right now around us.

Some history teachers miss out on the current events by focusing too much on the distant past. However, history is constantly being made. Waiting until years or centuries have passed to declare something important is a disservice to your students. I teach about current events alongside stories from ancient civilizations because it is the best way to draw parallels between the two. By making long gone events more relevant and realistic to your students, I grab their attention and make it easi-er for them to remember facts about history. Try these ideas in your classroom to breathe a little life into the dusty tomes of days gone past.