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Why You Can’t Overlook Current Events Importance

Studying current events is necessary for a well-rounded education. It is meaningless to focus only on the past when creating a history curriculum because new historical events happen on a daily ba-sis. Consider the major impact of events from the present on your daily life to motivate you and your students to give the news a little more attention each day.

A Happier Future

Wars, famines, diseases and other issues threaten people today just as much as they did in the past. Examining and exploring these complex issues is the best way to find solutions to them. Getting your students involved in the less than pleasant events around the world encourages them to work for a better future. If they don’t know that troubles exist in less prosperous parts of the world, it’s hard for them to develop empathy towards other people or dedicate their time and energy to a good cause.

Actions and Consequences

The study of history is essentially an attempt to understand how immediate decisions create long reaching changes. Get your students involved in the process as it rolls on today by asking them to record the consequences they imagine will develop from decisions and laws being made in the pre-sent. For example, ask everyone to record a decision made by the state legislature. Collect their pro-jections for the immediate ramifications, store them in a time capsule for the class, and open it back up to see who was on track after a few months.

By projecting the potential consequences of a decision today, you encourage your students to pay more attention to their own lives. Drawing connections between modern conflicts and ancient disa-greements also brings the past to life. Make the study of current events a priority in your class to highlight their importance to the next generation of decision makers.